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This Privacy Policy dictates the use of digital platforms (websites) owned by Fabrica Calçado Shoe-Me, Lda. (hereinafter referred to as WALKYS).
If you wish to contact WALKYS regarding these digital platforms, you may do so through the following email address
Access and use of this website is the sole responsibility of the user, who is subject to the acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the data processing described herein. The use of these digital platforms as well as the relationships between WALKYS and users are under the applicable Portuguese legislation.
WALKYS reserves the right to change and review this Privacy Policy at any time, as well as the data processing described herein, whenever deemed appropriate, with or without prior notice.
This Privacy Policy constitutes an agreement between you, the user, and WALKYS and applies to the use of these websites. It is the sole responsibility of the user to read the Privacy Policy whenever accessing the websites, in order to be aware of any changes made, as it may affect your rights.

Collecting and processing of personal data, principles and goals
WALKYS is responsible for processing personal information about users collected directly through various means. WALKYS undertakes to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data of its users against accidental, unlawful, loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access.
An appropriate level of security is considered to be in effect regarding the data handling risks, in light of the sensitive nature of the data to be protected.
WALKYS may thus collect and store information that voluntarily and with consent has been passed on to you, including, but not limited to, individualized personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number. Prior to the processing and collection of personal data directly from the respective holders, WALKYS shall provide all necessary information regarding such processing and shall collect the relevant authorization for that purpose.

Data holder rights
The data provided by the users will be processed by WALKYS in accordance with the applicable legislation, namely:
a) Handled in a lawful manner, respecting the principle of good faith;
b) Collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and cannot be further processed;
c) Accurate and, where necessary, up-to-date, and appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that inaccurate or incomplete data are erased or rectified, taking into account the purposes for which they were collected, or for which they will be subsequently processed;
d) Stored in such a way as to enable the holders to be identified only for the period necessary for the purpose of collecting or further processing. The data requested on these digital platforms are not considered, under the applicable legislation, to be sensitive data and therefore their inherent restrictions are not applicable.

Data transfer
The user’s personal data are collected and entered by WALKYS into an automated file for activities related to their digital platforms.
The data collected may be transmitted to other companies owned by WALKYS, which are located within the European Union, to carry out any activities included in the websites’ initiatives. The collection and processing of personal data will be carried out in accordance with applicable Portuguese law, and any authorizations that are necessary for this purpose will be previously obtained from the National Data Protection Commission. Under the law, WALKYS has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the data provided is protected against access or use by unauthorized third parties. However, WALKYS warns of the residual risk of unauthorized access through the Internet.
There are other types of information, in this case non-personal and non-individualized, which are recorded only to help keep websites useful and ensure a good browsing experience for those who visit. It is statistical information that is usually by definition recorded through the browser window such as: the website address of the website that brought you directly to the WALKYS website, most visited website pages, type of browser, operating system, etc.

Information security and usage
Despite of WALKYS’s efforts to protect your personal data, as they are collected through an open network – the Internet – they can travel in the network without security, at the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

Personal data storage time limit
After the collection of individualized personal information, which has been voluntarily transmitted to you, WALKYS shall store and maintain it until otherwise instructed, or until required by law. Conserving this information allows WALKYS to continue to provide personalized uninterrupted services.

Cookie policy
WALKYS uses cookies to improve user experience and performance as described below.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files with relevant information that your access device (computer, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet) carries through the browser when a site is visited by the user.
The use of cookies allows the optimization of navigation by adapting the information and services offered to the interests of users, so as to give them a better experience each time they visit the web page.
Cookies used by WALKYS do not collect any personal information that allows to identify the user. They store generic information, namely the form or place / country of access of the users and how they use the website, among others. Cookies retain only information related to your preferences.
This website uses cookies to customize, adapt and improve users’ browsing experience, namely for:
Making sure the pages are working properly;
Store user preferences, as well as the selected language and font size;
Discover the details of the users browsing experience;
Collect anonymous statistical information, such as the pages the user visits and how long they remain on each page.
The user may, at any time and through his / her browser, decide to be notified of the receipt of cookies, as well as block their entry into their system. It should be noted however that the refusal to use cookies on the site may result in the inability to access some of its areas and not allow the entire browsing experience.

Type, purpose and function
Depending on how long the user stays on the page, cookies can be classified as:
Permanent cookies: These are stored on your access devices (computer, mobile phone / smartphone or tablet) at the browser level and are used whenever the user visits the site again. In general, these are used to direct the navigation according to the interests of the user allowing a more personalized service.
Session cookies: These are temporary cookies which are generated and are available until the session ends. The next time the user accesses their browser cookies are no longer stored. The information obtained allows to manage sessions, identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.
Regarding the function, cookies can be classified as:
Essential Cookies: Some cookies are essential to access specific areas of websites. They allow site navigation and use of your applications as well as access to secure areas of the site through login. Without these cookies, services that require it cannot be provided.
Feature / Cookie Cookies: Feature cookies allow to recall your preferences for browsing the site. So, you do not need to reconfigure it and customize it every time you visit it.
Analytic Cookies: These cookies are used to analyze how users use the site, allowing to highlight articles or services that may be of interest to users and monitor site performance knowing which pages are more popular, which method of linking between pages is most effective or to determine why some pages are receiving error messages. These cookies are used only for statistical analysis without ever collecting personal information, providing a high-quality experience by personalizing the offer and quickly identifying and correcting any problems that arise.

Cookies in the opening of newsletters / emails
Newsletters/emails may contain a small image that lets us know if they are open and check the clicks through links or ads within the newsletter. This is used only for statistical purposes. The user has always the possibility to unsubscribe the sending of newsletters/emails through the specific option in the footnote of newsletters/emails.

Disabled the use of cookies
All browsers allow the user to accept, reject or delete cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. You can configure cookies in your browser’s “Options” or “Preferences” menu. However it is important to note that disabling cookies may prevent some web services from functioning properly, affecting, in whole or in part, navigation on the web page.

Users may disable the use of cookies on this web page at any time by:
Modifying your browser settings, for example.
Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer:
Mozilla Firefox:
Apple Safari:

What happens when cookies are disabled?
Some features and services may stop working or behave unexpectedly, such as identifying the user on certain pages, or receiving information based on the location of the user, among others.
If you disable cookies on this web page, you may not have access to certain areas or the quality of your browsing experience may be considerably lowered.
The cookies used on this website:
Third-party cookies (Google Analytics) - Collect information on the use of the website. This information is collected anonymously and used to create reports of visits to the website for user experience improvement purposes.
Additional guarantees and withdrawal of acceptance
Walkys shall not be liable for the content and veracity of any third party privacy policies that may be included on this web page.
As an additional guarantee, the recording of cookies on this web page may be subject to the user accepting the cookies during his visit to the web page and the installation or update of the used browser. This acceptance may be revoked at any time in the content and privacy settings.

Cookie policy update
Walkys may modify this cookie policy in accordance with legal or regulatory requirements or adapt this policy to new instructions provided by law. When there are significant changes to this cookie policy, users of the web page will be notified.

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